Wireless portable food processor


Wireless portable food processor


product name : Wireless portable food processor

Product number : KB010

Rated Capacity : 250mL

battery voltage : 3.7V m

Rated working current : 6A

rated power : 45W

Rated input voltage: 5Vm

Rated input current : 1A

net weight : 0.26kg/0.28kg

Gross weight : 0.31kg/0.33kg

Package dimensions :96x96x134mm



–अब एकै क्लिकमा गाेलभेडा, लसुन, अदुवा, हरियाे खुर्सानी पिसेर भान्सालाई स्वादिलाे बनाउनुस ।

– मासु, तरकारी, फलफुल, सलाद जस्ता चिजहरूलाई पनि मसिनाे बनाउन उपयोगी याे मेसिन usb चार्जरले चार्ज गरेर पिकनिक, घुम्न निस्कदा पनि लिएर जान सकिन्छ ।

– यस्तो बहु उपयोगी, हलुका rechargable electric garlic and vegetable chopper machine अडर गरेर घर, अफिस, हाेटलकाे भान्सालाई सजिलो बनाउनुस ।

Instruction :
1.Put the blades into the center of the bowl carefully.
2. Cut the ingredients into small pieces and put them into the bowl, don’t put more or less, half is appreciated.
3.Cover it before chopping.
4.Hold down the lid with one hand, Turn on the switch with the other hand

5.Take out the blades carefully first, and then the chopped Infredients.


1.The blades are very sharp, please take care and keep them away from children.

2 Do not microwave or cook this product.


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