knife Sharpener


knife Sharpener


के तपाईं अाफ्नाे भान्साकाे चक्कु नलागेर हैरान हुनुहुन्छ ? यदि हुनुहुन्छ भने चक्कुलाई धारिलो बनाउने knife Sharpener अाजै अडर गरेर ढुक्कसँग प्रयाेग गर्नुस ।



HAO CHU KANG-168 Fast Sharpener, with the tungsten steel technology, turns the traditional single-sided to the simultaneously double-sided sharpening to greatlyimprove the sharpening speed. The unique angle design makes the grinded cutleries to be more sharp and durable. Our product is simple and easy to use, no need water and electricity, and indispensable to the

modern family kitchen supplies.


Grinding knives: Place the sharpener on the platform, left hand hold the sharpener handle, right hand put the knife vertically into the V-groove, with appropriate strength to pull straight back (not push forward) as the direction of the arrow for several times until the knife sharpened up, then put the knife vertically to the “Fine Grinding” V-groove to pull the knife as above to achieve the optimal sharpness of the knife.

Note: Please check the position or angle of the knife into

the V-groove and grind the knife again if the knife is not

grinded sharp enough.

Usage: Home used stainless steel knives and fruit knives. Note: If there are gaps on the knife or gills too thick, please fix that before. Please clean the oil on the knife before. grinding so as to avoid affecting the sharpener effect. Not suitable for grinding ceramic knives or scissors


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